Demand for video content continues to rise. In fact, billions of videos are watched every day. But there also are billions of videos that don’t get seen at all.

Why? Producing great content isn’t enough anymore. Videos also have to be easily discoverable and optimized to reach and engage your target audiences.

With such steep competition for viewers, it’s critical to optimize for specific channels, as well as apply best practices to keep viewers watching once you’ve grabbed their attention.

Join Brooke Sellas and Yaag to learn how to:

  • Design videos for specific goals
  • Tell great stories and promote them in the right channels
  • Make videos interactive
  • Efficiently test what works

We look forward to sharing our insights and answering your questions. We hope to see you there!

On June 22, 2020 1:00 PM US/Eastern

Brooke B. Sellas

Brooke B. Sellas

Brooke is the CEO & founder of B Squared Media LLC, an award-winning done-for-you social media management, advertising, and customer care agency. Brooke is also the co-host on the top-rated Marketing Companion podcast.

Yaagneshwaran Ganesh

Yaagneshwaran Ganesh

Yaag is the Marketing Manager at Reve Marketing, where he runs marketing and growth for this martech company delivering data-driven personalized experiences. He is also among the top 100 global martech influencers, a best-selling author and a TEDx speaker.