How do we deliver tailored marketing technology solutions quickly and cost-effectively every time? It’s all about our flexible, vendor-neutral, SaaS-based, easy-to-integrate components.

Our Approach

Martech Technology Stack

Think about when you order from a restaurant. Although the chef prepares a dish expressly for each diner and can take each diner’s preferences into account, she doesn’t start from scratch with raw ingredients each time. That would make a lot of hungry diners wait a long time for their meals. Instead, she combines “components” like sauces, chopped vegetables and spices that she has prepared ahead of time to cook each dish to order.

We take a similar approach. We’ve developed a range of specific functionalities and have turned them into components that can be used out of the box, reconfigured or extended to support any digital marketing need. Like a dish at a restaurant, each of our components is fully configurable and solutions are delivered quickly and confidently because we always start with a host of pre-prepared “ingredients.”

This approach also supports rapid development of entirely new solutions. And, as we develop new components for our customers, they become part of our off-the-shelf offering, enriching functionality for everyone.

Martech Components

Anatomy of a Martech Component

Each martech component, such as a widget, tracker or app, is a building block for enabling specific features of a marketing solution. Although our off-the-shelf configurations support most needs, elements (e.g., login with Facebook and/or Spotify) are configurable and functionality is never constrained.

Martech components are made up of multiple technical components, which include technologies like email/SMS framework, FTP processor, fraud prevention modules and more.

Our foundation is a scalable, cloud-based architecture, including a multi-tenant, scalable platform that supports data redundancy, caching, uptime monitoring, disaster recovery and more.

Key Features

Fast set-up and deployment

Vendor agnostic; integrate easily with existing solutions

Customizable UI through external CSS

Tried-and-tested components ensure functionality every time

Scalable platform that grows with business over time

Standardized analytics and tracking