If you’re still basing your loyalty program on how much your customers buy, you’re missing the bigger picture. Research shows that 5-10% of social media users are responsible for 60-80% of influence – and aren’t necessarily the ones doing the purchasing. This is customer network lifetime value (CNLV): the value customers bring to a brand through referrals and influence. To quantify CNLV, marketers must track and link social influencer activity across all channels and use that data to calculate how loyal and engaged individual customers are with a brand.

Gain deeper customer insights

Get more value from content investments

Increase retention, loyalty and customer lifetime value

We can help you create a new customer loyalty program or enhance an existing loyalty system using our easy-to-integrate components. We also help you track and analyze customer activity across touchpoints. Ultimately, we take a step-by-step approach to helping brands develop a loyalty personalization roadmap to deliver better experiences that help them retain customers and grow customer lifetime value

Basic & Advanced Loyalty

A basic loyalty program is the first step in a loyalty personalization roadmap. Capture customer information, encourage brand advocacy, assign loyalty scores and deliver rewards based on customer actions. Building blocks include social login, member profile, member action tracking and history and points balance.

Engagement Loyalty

Necessary for understanding consumers’ preferences, engagement loyalty is the next step in the roadmap. The program tracks consumers’ engagement with content and offers, tracks non-purchase actions and combines data from external systems, such as CRM to provide a more comprehensive customer view. This can be an add-on to any existing purchase-oriented loyalty system.


Once all the pieces are in place, brands can create a truly personalized experience for customers. Deliver tailored content, campaigns, offers and rewards based on location, preferences, customer history and customer loyalty scores (automated using data models that pull data from multiple sources) – as well as attribute specific actions to individual customers across owned and third-party channels.

Content Campaign Infographic


Rewards Framework

Rewards Framework

We have a robust and flexible framework to configure, upload/generate on-the-fly (via API), and dispatch rewards including e-gift cards (e.g., Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Visa, etc.), promo codes and coupons. This framework can be used to add incentives to any marketing program as well as to surprise loyal customers.

This framework can integrate with multiple e-gift card and coupon providers, send automated reminders for replenishment of rewards below certain threshold levels, and enable creation of a rewards catalog, which can be embedded into any marketing or loyalty program.

Key Features

Configuration of reward type, points assigned, and expiration

Gamification capabilities such as leaderboards, badges and points-based rewards

E-fulfillment of e-gift cards, coupons, promo codes, with email/SMS notifications

Audience segmentation by
loyalty level

Audience-specific content, offers,
and campaigns

Ubiquitous loyalty experience across all customer touchpoints