Video should be for more than simply viewing. You can get more value from video by enabling your audiences to connect, interact and engage with your videos to understand their preferences and questions, as well as pull in user data from backend systems to customize content on the fly.


Boost progress and completion rates by enabling viewers to interact within your videos. Customize experiences in real time based on viewer actions.

Reinforce learning

Increase understanding and reduce customer service tickets by enabling viewers to navigate to the information they need.


Encourage viewers to share information and preferences in the course of their interaction to qualify prospects.


Increase product adoption rates by delivering more personalized, relevant and even gamified experiences.


Track and analyze the performance of your videos by engagement, audience, activity and more.

We make it easy

Unlike conventional video production that can be costly and challenging to personalize with natively built interactions, we provide a simple solution.


Take a sales video  


Add smart interactions
at any point


Configure content  


Copy-paste Javascript code on landing page


Get viewers to relevant information quickly

  • Break video into chapters and allow viewer to navigate to specific sections
  • Or, automate branching based on user input

Adaptive engagement

Customize onboarding interactions based on viewer

  • Automatically modify the look/feel, content or interactions based on viewer’s plan, account type or role
  • Add overlays, figures and pointers to call attention to or highlight objects

Preview and gating

Build viewer trust

  • Tease the video to encourage viewer to give email willingly to see the rest


Capture and leverage first-party and declared data

  • Personalize video with viewer’s name and annotate with user-specific content on the fly based on inputs from CRM or other systems
  • Insert interactions at relevant points in the video to ask viewer for information


Reward participation and make it fun

  • Offer badges or other recognition for completion
  • Increase product use with quizzes and contests


Measure engagement and conversions

  • Track and analyze performance of overall video and each engagement, drop-off points and other metrics to support business goals
  • Test and modify interaction types and content

Onboarding videos

Customizing onboarding videos by viewers' plan, account type or role boosts product adoption and onboarding completion rates. Two-thirds of consumers say they would rather learn about products/services by video versus text1.

Lead-generation videos

Personalizing content and engaging viewers within the video to respond and share information helps build trust and encourages viewers self-qualify as prospects, resulting in better leads.

1 Wyzowl State of Video Marketing 2020

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