Sometimes great marketing ideas need creative technology solutions. Solving new challenges with technology is at the heart of what we do. We’ve been delivering enterprise-class marketing solutions that meet the specific needs of brands and agencies since 2008. When we develop a new solution, we ensure it works by checking for technical feasibility, ensuring security, scalability and responsiveness, and managing integration with third-party systems. And often we can fast-track development by leveraging our existing technology components in new ways. In addition to our ability to deliver fully custom solutions in the areas covered by our ready-made products, we can also build custom solutions in the following areas:

Marketing Automation

We can develop solutions for lead generation and marketing automation; manage integration with email marketing and CRM systems (e.g., Salesforce); or create the “plumbing” required to integrate disparate data sources and systems.

Big Data Analytics

We can help you collect, transform and normalize data from multiple large data sources to create a real-time dashboard that aggregates data nuggets and graphs, and enables users to drill down into underlying data.

Pluggable Analytics Dashboard Framework

Our dashboard framework comprises configurable tiles/“portlets” that allow us to rapidly assemble data-driven dashboards by changing backend queries and data visualization methods. For example, tiles can show different data types including processed/aggregated data extracts, display graphs or present detailed data tables. Tiles also can be enabled/disabled based on who is viewing the dashboard.