Looking for new ways to get a better return on content marketing? Social media platforms are crowded and competition for attention is fierce. Our solutions help you maximize and extend the longevity of content by aggregating it from multiple channels and repurposing it on various sites. If you want to make your microsites stickier, layer in more of our engagement components over time. Then, consider how you can more effectively use video engagement to tap into the increasing consumption of mobile and online video content.


Content Curation

Our social media curation solution pulls together content from social media platforms, including blogs and user-generated content (UGC), into a “social media wall.” This allows you to repurpose it on multiple sites to increase social engagement. For example, provide fresh content to multiple audiences without additional work by embedding a dynamic social media wall into an existing website. Ours is the only solution that allows users to interact with social content (e.g., like, comment, retweet, play videos, etc.) without clicking through to a social media platform and leaving the social media wall. This eliminates competition for users' attention and helps increase social engagement.

Increase ROI of marketing content

Extend reach beyond social platforms

Lengthen social content shelf life

How It Works

Components of Content Curation

Key Features

Interactive interface that enables native social media actions on social media wall

Display any combination of brand and user-generated content from major social channels

SEO optimization of social media wall content

Embed and track campaigns, offers, contest, surveys and more

Customize social media wall design to fit with brand’s look and feel

Language translation options

Standardized analytics and tracking

Managed wall service – we can manage/curate content for you

Microsite Engagement

You can quickly and cost-effectively make your existing microsites more valuable loyalty sites by adding plug-and-play components to increase customer engagement, identify your customers, track their actions and reward them. Mix and match components such as member login/user profile, social login, rewards, trending/most shared content, share bar with rating widget, social wall, videos, ads, campaigns, contests and more.

Make sites “stickier”

Increase customer loyalty

Leverage UGC

How It Works

Here’s a look at how our engagement components can work together to create a loyalty site:

Components of Microsite Engagement

Key Features

User-friendly social login to enter member area

Members can accrue points and redeem rewards

Share bar: Consumers can easily share content

Enable star/heart based rating of content

Campaign pod: Serve up quizzes, polls or trivia questions

Engagement pod: Display brand’s social media posts from all major platforms

Trending content displayed based on user views, ratings and shares

Consumers can upload their own content (UGC)

User profile and activity tracking

Personalize content, campaigns and offers

Video Engagement

Many consumers prefer video to written content when it comes to learning about a brand’s products and services. Consumers find video content easier to recall, even a week after viewing. And, video makes websites stickier, increasing the time consumers spend on a page. Our solutions help you increase video engagement with new ways to distribute video and encourage views.

Create engagement around videos

Boost information recall about products/services

Increase video views with referrals

Key Features

Refer-a-friend functionality to encourage “watch and share”

Incentives for viewing by user or referred friends

Fraud and spam prevention

Performance tracking

Our program with Reve Marketing was designed to incentivize people who were excited about our new film to share their enthusiasm with friends and family just in time for the holiday season. In need of a very quick turnaround, we required a reliable partner who could manage all aspects of the promotion quickly and efficiently. Reve Marketing delivered, and the success of the program is clearly reflected in the performance metrics. Matt Gilhooley, CBS Films