We hear agencies and brands say this a lot: “We have a lot of great ideas, but don’t have the technology to carry them out.”

Brands and agencies also tell us that not only do they need more and better marketing tools, they don’t fully utilize the tools they have.

The problem is, the marketing technology landscape is extremely fragmented. Most marketing teams are compelled to purchase niche point products that fulfill an immediate need or fix a few problems but don’t integrate with the rest of the technology stack. These martech point products also can’t scale or be modified over time to adapt to changing technology or support future growth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help enterprises stay relevant and thrive in a variable business landscape by creating “right fit” marketing technology solutions that are intuitive to use, can absorb change and expand functionality to grow with an enterprise, and adapt to new communications platforms and devices.

Dreaming Big

“Rêve” means “dream.” We dream big here, thinking about the future of martech and the customer experience. We take a fresh look at how we market to consumers today and how new technologies and data analytics can change the game. We say our solutions are “built to fit and built to last. That means our solutions are out-of-the-box, but not temporary fixes. We expect our clients to use our solutions over the long term, changing and building upon them as needed and seamlessly integrating them with databases and other core technology platforms, including CRM and ERP systems.

In line with our long-term view, ultimately we help enterprises build towards a future of real-time marketing personalization. Therefore, our solutions are built to leverage big data and analytics. And, we think through how our solutions track interactions across all channels and collect and model the data that will inform delivery of more personalized, relevant customer experiences.

Our Founders

Forward-thinking. Experienced. Inspired.

Photo of Vijay Pullur

Vijay Pullur

Founder & CEO

Vijay is a successful serial entrepreneur investing in cutting-edge technologies and people to spawn independent companies. He brings business leadership, vision and enterprise scale to Rêve Marketing. Exceeding customer expectations is his only mantra.

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Photo of Vivek Lakshman

Vivek Lakshman

Cofounder & VP of Products

Vivek loves bringing ideas to life and building scalable, agile teams. His past has seen him play leadership roles in ERP, BPM and enterprise product technology and consulting. At Rêve Marketing, he is responsible for product strategy and execution.

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Rêve Marketing was born out of leading social marketing technology provider, SocialTwist, which was founded in 2008. Rêve Marketing’s parent company, Pramati Technologies, is a global software company with more than two decades of experience delivering technology products and consulting services.