Chatbots, which provide simulated conversations with people, are helping brands create more user-friendly, personalized customer experiences. Brands are deploying chatbots to help customers find information and recipes, promote offers and sell products on their e-commerce sites.

Engage customers with a
cutting-edge chat experience

Enable customers to access
information on demand

Boost brand presence across
messaging platforms

How It Works

Chatbots let consumers seamlessly interact with brands through the messaging service they prefer, instead of having to download multiple apps or go to a brand’s website. We can help you "botify" your existing content with a chatbot on Facebook Messenger—and soon on other popular messaging services. As the technology evolves, so can your chatbot.

1st Generation

Pre-defined consumer inputs, limited free text

Static bot responses, includes text, images, video, quick replies (buttons), calls to action

Up to 5 interactions to reach destination content

2nd Generation

All of 1st generation

Conversational free text inputs from consumer with AI-based learning

Dynamic responses based on product/recipe catalog or meta information

3rd Generation

All of 2nd generation

Links customer information such as purchase history, gender, loyalty level, etc from CRM/loyalty systems to make choices more relevant/personal

Provides seamless transfer to live agent

Chatbots for CPG

Expand the boundaries of customer experience by inspiring new uses for food products and providing alternate ways to buy through intelligent, automated chat interactions. For example, chatbots can help consumers find recipes or purchase products directly from brands’ e-commerce sites. They also can engage customers with digital campaigns to promote offers.

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Chatbots for E-commerce

Goodbye clunky navigation and search! Enable guided, conversational shopping using natural language to help customers more quickly find and order what they want. Chatbots also can engage customers with offers and provide VIP treatment for loyal customers.

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Key Features

Fast turnaround: "botify" existing brand content in weeks

Deploy, learn and continuously enhance chat experience

Complex customer interactions using natural-language conversations

Loyalty/CRM integration